Maine Focus Enterprises

Web Design & Maintenance
Gorham, Maine, United States


Maine Focus Enterprises (MFE) is a creative services agency prepared to work with you to provide you with the best web presence for your needs.


MFE's physical service area is Gorham, Maine and environs. Thanks to the Internet, we are also able to serve globally.

Our (new) site is very much a work in progress. Our apologies in advance for the incomplete sections of the site. We will be working to fill in the cracks but need to prioritize so our work with clients comes first.

We will also be expanding the graphics of our site as we can - including our own yet-to-be completed logo development.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Our History

MFE started as a photography agency, specializing in sports, event and landscape images. In 2004, primarily due to the increasing physical limitations of the company's principal, we began a reorganization that continues to the present. Our specialization has shifted to creative services for the web:

  • site development and implementation
  • site maintence and expansion
  • blog design
  • content management
  • copywriting services
  • limited website hosting
  • logo design and branding